Vanity Fair Special Edition 2015

Well this was very unexpected!

As a photographer, one can hope that his or her capture is truly recognized and is on display through some medium whether it is on a social network, an art gallery, marketing materials, books, etc.

When Condé Nast purchased a photo I took in LA last year called Hollywood Symmetry, I would never dare dream it was for the cover of Vanity Fair.    Vanity Fair is one of those very well respected publications that covers politics, fashion and hollywood with high quality of writing and more importantly features captures from legendary photographers like Annie Leibovitz. 

Getting such acceptance and recognition from the Vanity Fair team has definitely accelerated my ambition to keep pushing harder in this industry.   This was definitely the right form of medicine I needed especially after battling the extreme stresses day to day I deal with in my full-time job in the financial industry.

I can’t thank the team from Vanity Fair and Condé Nast enough for this level of exposure!

Hollywood Symmetry can be purchased through Getty Images here.


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