So, I grew up in South Australia, but in 2005, I decided to pack my bags and make the big move to New York City. It was a total game-changer.

Back in college, I’d studied Computer Science, Visual Arts, and Multimedia, and I was itching to dive into Graphic Design and Photography. But I didn’t want to give up my full-time gig in the financial industry, so I decided to juggle both.

Let me tell you, NYC is like no other place on Earth. The city itself is a work of art, with its crazy vibe and a million different neighborhoods, each with its own flavor. It’s a creative paradise.

I threw myself into Graphic Design, coming up with all sorts of cool designs that let me flex my artistic muscles. And Photography? Well, I couldn’t resist snapping pics of the city’s wild energy, its ever-changing scenery, and all the interesting folks I met.

But here’s the twist – I’m not just a New Yorker. I also bounce between New York and Los Angeles. LA has its own unique vibe, and it’s given me a whole new perspective on creativity and art. Not to mention the perfect weather (light) most of the year is not definitely not hype!

Balancing my creative passions with my day job in finance was no cakewalk. But it taught me a ton about time management, dedication, and the importance of following your passions, no matter what else is on your plate.

My life, split between the hustle and bustle of New York and the laid-back vibes of LA, has been this incredible blend of tech, art, finance, and culture. It’s proof that the two coasts can totally transform you and open up endless possibilities, both personally and professionally.

In a nutshell, my move to New York City back in ’05 allowed me to mix my tech and art background with my love for Graphic Design and Photography. And my double life in New York and Los Angeles? Well, that’s the icing on the cake, adding even more flavor to my crazy, wonderful journey.